Reduce condensation with Kensington’s secondary glazing

Condensation can be a major problem in some homes especially those fitted with period wooden sash windows or casement windows with single glazing in, originally the property would have been well ventilated mainly through air leakage from chimneys doors and windows helping to exchange the air in the property and reduing condensation.

But in todays world we are all very aware of the escalating rising price of energy and the cost of using this fuel has on the envoirament, so lets look at the options.

Firtstly we could continue as we are, polluting the enviouroment and running up large energy bills this is probably not an option for most people. So lets look at option two we could fit secondary glazing and drastically reduce condensation from forming on your windows.

This will also reduce your energy bills current research has shown that heat loss through sliding sash windows and casement windows can be reduced by 60%, this can be achieved by fitting secondary glazing and reducing conduction and radiation through your period wooden windows.

So let’s look how condensation actually works, firstly all air contains some water vapour but warm air can retain more water than cold air, so when warm moist air is cooled down it will eventually reach a temperature at which it cannot hold all the water vapour anymore and the water will condense out this is called reaching dew point.

Any warm air in your property passing over a cold surface will be cooled down below the dew point and then condensation will take effect and the water vapour will then be deposited on to any cold surface and as we all know this is usually on the glass and window frames.

So to conclude fitting quality secondary glazing to your windows will drastically reduce your condensation and reduce your energy bills.

Maintain the character of your home

Improve thermal performance

Quality products installed to the highest standards

More affordable than replacing your windows

Approved for use in conservation areas

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