Secondary glazing & draughty Windows

Old period windows like sliding sash windows and casement windows by there very nature are always draughty to say the least, this is due to various reasons including shrinkage and warping plus the fact period windows were never fitted with any form of draught proofing seals in the first instance.

To overcome this problem you have a few options at your disposal the first one would be to have your windows repaired and draught proofed this is a service we can carry out as our sister company specializes in this field you can check out our website by clicking here.

Our draught proofing and restoration of your period sash windows or casement windows will eliminate up to 98% of the draughts that permeate around your sashes keeping in the warm air inside your property and reducing your heating costs, but this will have certain limitations, one it will only save a certain amount of your warm air depletion as the rest will be lost through your thin period glass this can be as thin as 1.5mm with an average of 2mm to 3mm, this heat is lost through conduction and radiation let me explain how this works. Convection and conduction are what happens when warm air from the rooms in the building come in contact with the glass and window frames.

Infra-red radiation is when the colder surface of the windows absorbs infra-red radiation from the room. Secondly draught proofing your windows will increase your condensation in most cases due to the fact you are now trapping in your warm moist air that is a good thing in itself as this is the heat you have paid for, but the problem is that warm moist air is now going to come in contact with your cold window glass and window frames resulting in yes you guessed it even more condensation.

So to conclude draught proofing your windows is a relatively cost effective way of stopping any draughts through your period wooden windows , but if you want to take full advantage and maximize your heat retention and reduce your energy bills we would recommend to draught proof and repair your sash windows or as it may be casement windows and then fit secondary glazing , this would give you the maximum benefits you could achieve unless you wanted to double glaze the original sashes as well, we could also carry out this process as we install slim double glazing that is virtually indistinguishable from single glazing with the heat retention of a 28mm modern double glazed unit.

slim double glazing in a glazing bar

This is a profile of our single glazing system fitted in a very slim glazing bar detail if you need any more information regarding the product or the processes involved checkout our sister company Kensington sash window restoration by clicking here.

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